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  • Uses for Magnets

    There are many uses for magnets in homes and in businesses. They can be used to provide safety to small children when playing, they can be used to protect the floor or to help with keeping things safe from falling objects. As they have different uses they are also sold in different shapes and sizes […]

  • DIY Home Experiments

    Some of the Great DIY Home Experiments As a student of Physics you probably understand the fun in having your very own DIY Home experiments. What you may not know is that Physics can be applied to almost any area of your life. You can use it to learn about the Universe in general, you […]

  • Home schooling

    Home schooling, sometimes called self-directed education, is the instruction of students in the home, at different locations other than traditional school. It is sometimes done by a home tutor, parent, or even an online teacher. Many homeschool families use more informal ways of teaching. In traditional schooling, children are taught primarily at the public school. […]

  • Performance in-Car Tires

    It is often stated that usage of magnets when you look at the automobile industry has actually resulted in improved safety and performance in-car tires, brakes, brake shields, etc. So just why perhaps not use them when it comes to upkeep and examination of your car? Magnetic polarity is a large issue if you are […]

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